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TECHNICIAN Examination

The PPDT Examinations are offered at over 190 testing centers in North America.  There is no application deadline and once a candidate is approved he/she can usually test within a couple of weeks, depending on candidate volume.

All experienced power distribution technicians 21 years of age and above are invited to take ETCP's PPDT exams. The intent of this examination is to evaluate and validate the knowledge and skill base of the upper two-thirds of Portable Power Distribution Technicians working in the entertainment industry. These positions typically involve the health and safety of technicians, performers and audiences, and require compliance with OSHA and other laws. Those who pass this rigorous test will become ETCP Certified Portable Power Distribution Technicians.

This certification meets a need within the entertainment industry to define the required knowledge and skillsets surrounding the assembly, use, and disassembly of portable power systems. This certification will provide documentation of knowledge and assist the employer in determining a worker’s status as a qualified portable power technician.

The ETCP PPDT certification is focused on a large population of industry workers in the roles of lighting technicians, stagehands, portable power set/strike technicians, as well as facility maintenance personnel for a wide variety of venues. This certification targets the top two-thirds of people working with this technology at various types of facilities in the corporate, trade show, outdoor event, theatrical, and motion picture/television segments of the entertainment industry.

Individuals must meet eligibility requirements to take the exams. These requirements focus on work experience; training and education can be factors as well. Please contact the ETCP office 212-244-1505 or for more information.

ETCP has two electrical certifications: Entertainment Electrician and Portable Power Distribution Technician. To determine which certification is right for you, please read the Scope of Work Document.

Portable Power Distribution Technician Information


Take your examination at a computer-based testing center
in the United States.


Sites Outside the U.S.
(International Sites outside of the U.S. and Canada are subject to an additional $50 exam fee)


Computer Based Testing
The electrical examination is offered at 190 sites around the United States (Beginning July 15, 2016). View the list of Computer Testing Centers to find one in your area. Testing in Canada will not be available until cut-scores are determined (most likely October 2016).

At these sites, the examination are offered nearly every business day. To apply for the examination, fill out the Computer Based Testing application form, and send the completed form and fee to ETCP. After the candidate has received written acceptance from ETCP, information will be sent on how to schedule the examination at a site, time, and date that is available and most convenient.

$550 certification for members of ESTA, AMPTP, CITT, IATSE, IAVM, InfoComm International, The Broadway League, TEA and USITT; $650 for non-members

ETCP in the Entertainment Industry

ETCP is the work of the industry's leading organizations, employers and unions. Most important, it's the work of leading power distribution professionals.