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Rigging Examinations

All experienced riggers 21 years of age and above are invited to take ETCP's rigging certification exams. The intent of the rigging examinations is to evaluate and validate the knowledge and skill base of the upper third of riggers working in the entertainment industry. These positions typically involve the health and safety of technicians, performers and audiences, and require compliance with OSHA and other laws. Those who pass this rigorous test will become ETCP Certified Riggers - and will be recognized by other professionals as the industry's best.

There are two ETCP rigging credentials, each with its own exam:
  • ETCP Certified Rigger – Arena
  • ETCP Certified Rigger – Theatre

Individuals must meet eligibility requirements to take the exams. These requirements focus on work experience; training and education can be factors as well. The eligibility requirement, candidate handbook and application materials can be viewed and downloaded, or if you would like to have a copy mailed to you, please contact the ETCP office 212-244-1505 or with your mailing address.

Computer Based Testing **
The rigging examinations are offered at 190 sites around the United States and Canada. View the list of Computer Testing Centers to find one in your area.

At these sites, the arena and theatre examinations are offered nearly every business day. To apply for one or both of these examinations, fill out the Computer Based Testing application form, and send the completed form and fee to ETCP. After the candidate has received written acceptance from ETCP, information will be sent on how to schedule the examination at a site, time, and date that is available and most convenient.

Paper and Pencil Examinations**
Please check the home page for upcoming paper and pencil administrations.

$550 certification for members of ESTA, AMPTP, CITT, IATSE, IAVM, InfoComm International, The Broadway League, TEA and USITT (multiple exam discounts available) ; $650 for non-members

ETCP in the Entertainment Industry
ETCP is the work of the industry's leading organizations, employers and unions. Most important, it's the work of leading riggers.

In a survey of industry employers, 81 percent said they would encourage employees or personnel working in their venues to see certification in rigging. This finding shows that employers want an objective tool that helps them assess riggers' skills. ETCP Certification provides that tool, helping employers immediately identify riggers with proven capabilities. ETCP also helps the riggers themselves by giving them a credential – ETCP Certified – that unmistakably says, "I know what I am doing."

The Arena certification encompasses rigging that employs chain hoists and truss systems to temporarily suspend objects from overhead structures in any environment. ETCP recognizes that these methods and hardware are used throughout the entertainment industry in arenas, convention and trade show spaces and in theatrical venues. However the principles, practices, and components are consistent and similar in all applications and are different from those used in traditional theatrical spaces.

Rigging Exam Information

Take your examination at a computer-based testing center
in the United States.


Sites Outside the U.S.
(International Sites outside of the U.S. and Canada are subject to an additional $50 exam fee)

The Theatre certification encompasses rigging that employs the use of counterweighted systems, mechanical systems and hydraulic systems, usually, but not always, permanently installed in facilities for the use of theatre technicians in the execution of their rigging responsibilities.

An applicant may seek certification in either or both of these divisions. Each division has its own separate examination covering the specific knowledge, skills and abilities needed.