Veterans Benefits

What is the Licensing and Certification Benefit?
The new licensing and certification benefit allows the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) to reimburse you, if you are eligible, for a test to acquire certification.  You can receive reimbursement for certification tests taken on or after November 1, 2007. (You may be reimbursed retroactively.)

Note: The VA only pays for the cost of the test and not other fees associated with obtaining the licensing or certification.

Will This Benefit Really Be a Good Deal for Me?
In today’s business and regulatory climate, having a license or certification can open doors for you. Certification is voluntary, but frequently sought after. That’s because getting a certification can help you get, keep or advance in a job. 

How Much Can I Receive?
You can receive up to $2,000 per test, but not more than the actual cost of the test. You can receive benefits to retake a test you failed. The number of tests you can take is unlimited, except that you can’t receive benefits to retake a test that you passed.

Am I Eligible?
You may receive this benefit if you are eligible for:

  • The Montgomery G.I. Bill – Active Duty (also called the MGIB or Chapter 30; unfortunately this benefit is not available for the MGIB for Reservists), or
  • VEAP (Also called Chapter 32), or
  • Dependants Educational Assistance (also called DEA or Chapter 35)

Note: You generally have ten years after your discharge from active duty to use your benefits. To find out if you might be eligible under any of these programs, go to:  . You can receive counseling services in regards to your career by following this link:

What Do I Have to Do?
Remember, this program provides reimbursement so you must first pay the fee and take the exam. Then do the following:

1.   If you have never previously filed a claim for VA education benefits, you will need to submit an application for benefits.

  • If you are a veteran or on active duty, you need VA Form 22-1990. 
  • If you are an eligible child or spouse, you need VA Form 22-5490

Note:  You can complete and submit the VA Form 22-1990 on-line. Just go to and click Electronic Application. You can also print the form from this site, or call 1-888-GIBILL-1 and request the form. There is a brochure full of "how-to" information here:

2.   Send a letter with the following information: (You can download a writable PDF of this letter.)

  • Request for reimbursement
  • Your name and social security number
  • The name of the exam you took and the date you took it
  • Name and address of organization issuing the certification – ETCP, 875 Sixth Ave., Suite 1005, New York, NY 10001
  • Cost of the test
  • The following statement: “I authorize release of my test information to the VA.”
  • Send a copy of your test results and a receipt for the test fee.

3.   Send the application form along with the other information to this address: Dave Ross, CELO-VA Regional Office (307/22), 130 South Elmwood, Buffalo, NY  14202.