Certified Entertainment Electricians

ETCP Certified Entertainment Electricians have made an important professional commitment to safely serve the entertainment industry by becoming ETCP Certified. These individuals have passed the rigorous, competency-based electrical examination.

The ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician Examination evaluates the competency of the upper third of electricians working in the entertainment industry.


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These positions typically involve liability issues, the health and safety of workers and audiences, and compliance with the electrical laws and other laws of the local area, including laws requiring performance by Qualified Personnel. 

They are the leads, supervisors , and managers of entertainment electrical work. This certification encompasses the installation, interconnection, safe use, and repair of all portable distribution; utilization of entertainment industry-related electrical equipment; and the safe use of all venue electrical equipment. Additionally, this certification deals with the design, layout, and interconnection of portable electrical distribution equipment, including generation if necessary, as well as the safe connection of portable distribution feeders to fixed power sources. 

If you would like to join this elite group by becoming ETCP Certified, see Candidate Information for details on how to become a certified entertainment electrician.