Certified Riggers

ETCP Certified Riggers have made an important professional commitment to safely serve the entertainment industry by becoming ETCP Certified. These individuals have passed rigorous, competency-based examinations.

There are currently two divisions of the main ETCP Certified Rigger credential: ‘ETCP Certified Rigger – Arena’ and ‘ETCP Certified Rigger – Theatre’. Each division has its own separate examination.

The rigging certifications are designed for highly experienced riggers (rigging supervisors, high steel riggers, fly-persons, etc.)

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Arena certification encompasses rigging that employs chain hoists and truss systems to temporarily suspend objects from overhead structures in any environment. ETCP recognizes that these methods and hardware are used throughout the entertainment industry in arenas, convention and trade show spaces and in theatrical venues. However, the principles, practices, and components are consistent and similar in all applications and are different from those used in traditional theatrical spaces.

Theatre certification encompasses rigging that employs the use of counterweighted systems, mechanical systems and hydraulic systems, usually, but not always, permanently installed in facilities for the use of theatre technicians in the execution of their rigging responsibilities.

If you would like to join this elite group by becoming ETCP Certified, see Candidate Information for details on how to become a certified rigger.