Test Developers

ETCP Test Developers

Subject Matter Experts


It is vital to ETCP that both the development process and the examinations themselves are professionally sound and legally defensible. The ETCP Council appointed volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs), recommended by the SME Chairs and their peers, to work with a firm contracted for psychometric (testing and measurement) services. The SMEs defined the necessary content areas that are represented on the examinations, as well as wrote the examination questions.

The first step in the development of the examinations was the job analysis. Job analysis is the foundation upon which a viable and rigorous certification examination is built. The analysis helps define the knowledge and skills necessary for the safe practice of entertainment rigging and electrical crafts by focusing on analyzing tasks based on importance, time spent and consequence of error.

The job anaylsis was then developed into a survey that was sent to working professionals across the United States and Canada. The results of this survey aided the SMEs in determining the appropriate content areas for the examination. Once the examination content areas were determined, the SMEs developed the questions that make up the examinations.