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ETCP Recognized Training Program since May 15, 2009

CM Hoist

David Carmack
, Entertainment Products Trainer, Columbus McKinnon Entertainment CM-ET

This training course will cover all aspects of the design and operation of hoists, maintenance needs, inspection requirements and troubleshooting procedures. This course also delves deep into electrical theory and troubleshooting of the popular Lodestar and Prostar hoists. Those Passing the test at end of class will be Certified CM Hoist Tech for 5 years.

MOD Truss

Patrick Santini, President / CEO
Stephen Weltin, Vice President

Topics of Discussion- Level 1 Introduction to ModTruss:

  1. Intro to product line and company- What is ModTruss
  2. Product Terminology
  3. Truss Inspection
  4. Basic Connections
  5. Washer Plates / Splice Plates
  6. Lamination
  7. Loading
  8. Recommended Tools
  9. Proper Handling
  10. Examples of Installations
  11. A look ahead into other ModTruss Accessories

BNW Rigging Practical Knowledge

This 2 Day Class will be strictly hands on. It will cover all Fundamental Rigging skills and process through a load in scenario performed by the students. The hands on instruction will have stopping points to discuss rigging fundamentals, the do the math and go over rules of thumb.

  1. Day One: Construct a Self-Climbing Truss Sructure.
    1. Lay Out Position
      1. Discuss HWAP
      2. Discuss Foundations
      3. Guy Line Locations
      4. Ballast Locations. 
        1. Surface Contention
    2. Build Out Header Trussing and Sleeve Blocks
      1. Discuss Truss Theory
      2. Discuss Sleeve Blocks
      3. Discuss Bolting
    3. Build Out Tower Legs
      1. Discuss Tower Truss Theory
      2. Raise Towers
      3. Show Different Styles and Reasons
      4. Run Chain in Head Blocks
        1. Discuss Do’s and Don’ts
        2. Discuss Loading Lift Theory
    4. Raise Header truss to working height
      1. Apply Basic Fall Pro
        1. Discuss Applications and Use of
        2. Get on the Harness
          1. Show Fall Pro Techniques at Low Trim
          2. Movement in the Air Technique
      2. Mount Addition all I Beam for Day Two
    5. Discussion About Structure Design and Types
  1. Day Two: Pull Points on Truss Structure
      1. Discuss the Process
        1. Lay out the point locations
        2. Dead hang
        3. Bridle
      2. A team of riggers
        1. What the ground guy does.
        2. Up riggers / Climbers
          1. Difference between Up rigger and Climber
      3. Do it!
        1. Climb up
        2. Walk the beam
        3. Drop rope
        4. Set up the gear
        5. Pull the points
      4. Every one works
      5. The end…
        1. Strike climber
          1. Reverse the load in… no discussion. Show what you learned
        2. Drink beer (over 21 years of age)
        3. Break off into discussion groups
        4. One on one advanced topics

Rope Access Certification Course (SPRAT®)

Rope access provides a safe, cost-effective, and efficient means of access, egress, and positioning for work at height:

  • Construction
  • Engineers
  • Inspectors
  • Window washers
  • Maintenance of structures, buildings, towers, bridges

Adding a SPRAT® certification to your toolbox will improve your chances of being hired as employers increasingly rely on SPRAT®-certified workers for their skill and practice in safety and awareness while on the job.

Become a Rope Access Technician and improve your safety at height and your skill set. This four-day class will provide the information and skills you need to pass the SPRAT® certification session that will be held on the fifth day by an independent SPRAT® Evaluator.

Participants will learn many skills, including but not limited to:

  • Ascending and descending
  • Rope to rope transfers
  • Passing knots
  • Short and long re-belays
  • Passing deviation anchors
  • Passing and installing rope protection
  • Basic knot craft
  • The importance of fall factors
  • Mechanical advantage systems

SPRAT® Levels Two and Three are also available, providing participant can provide proof of necessary hours for evaluation.


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