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JR Clancy

J.R. Clancy, Inc.
7041 Interstate Island Road, Syracuse, NY 13209
315-451-3440 / 315-451-1766 (fax)

Contact Information:
Mike Murphy,

ETCP Recognized Training Program
since January 7, 2009

Service of Motorized Equipment

Learning Objective: To be able to understand the service required for common hoist components and recognize the service needed.  This includes troubleshooting of fixed speed button control Systems.


Bill Sapsis, President of Sapsis Rigging
Bill is one of the nation's most recognized experts in theatrical rigging, and an entertainment industry professional for more than 35 years.

Mike Murphy, President
Mike has been involved in hundreds of rigging projects in his over 30 years in the theatre equipment industry.  He’s responsible for Clancy’s R&D, Engineering, Sales, and Project Management. Mike also developed and supervises the company’s ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system.

Pete Svitavsky, PE – Applications Engineer
A Mechanical Engineering Graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Pete joined J.R. Clancy in 1998.  Previously, Pete worked with Adirondack Scenic as a carpenter, and with Eastman Kodak as a Mechanical Engineer.

Larry Eschelbacher, Manager of Controls Engeneering
Larry joined  J.R. Clancy in 1994 to manage the company’s controls department, after a similar position at Hoffend and Sons.  He has designed control systems and written software for hundreds of motorized systems worldwide.  Larry has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Number of Hours: 4


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