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ETCP Recognized Training Program since January 14, 2010

ETC Prodigy™ Rigging Installers Training 

The Rigging Installation Training is available to rigging installers and is one component of our specification, sales and installation program for the ETC rigging line of products, including: Prodigy™ hoists and QuickTouch™ controls. Through a combination of hands on and classroom sessions, we will cover the best practices for installation. In depth discussions on the products’ design and operation, special application installation, available special use tools, specification and quotation practices, as well as packaging and shipping information are all included in this session. 
Training on all ETC Prodigy and Vortek hoists, along with the QuickTouch, QuickTouch+, and Foundation control systems are offered throughout the year for ETC Rigging installers, dealers, and reps.

For Dates: Please contact the ETC Rigging Regional Sales Manager for your area.

Trainers: ETC Professional Services staff, ETC Field Service, ETC Project Management

Number of Hours: 20 (New Technician) & 8 (Recertification)


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