Application Materials: Rigger - Arena / Theatre

Download the Application Materials (PDFs*)
Computer Based Testing Application Form

Once your application has been submitted, it should be processed within a couple of weeks. If you need to take the test immediately, the application can be processed in as little as four business days for an additional charge of $150.

Examinations are administered at over 190 computer centers in the U.S. and Canada on most business days.

Initial Application Fee:
Non-members: $650
Constituents of Council Members: $550

Second ETCP Exam Within 1 Year:
Non-members: $450
Constituents of Council Members: $350

Intent to Retake Form Candidates may take the examination twice more within a 2 year period if they fail the initial test.

Non-members: $225
Constituents of Council Members: $175

Pre-arranged Paper and Pencil Exam
Application Form

This form is for paper and pencil administrations that have been specially arranged by an employer, union, or other organization.

Applications submitted after the determined deadline will be accepted if space is available and will incur a $25 late fee.

Use this form if your group has set up a date and location for a pre-arranged paper and pencil administration. Please check with your group to determine the application deadline.
Applicant Evaluation Form Must be completed if using Apprenticeship or Internship points to qualify to sit for the examination.
Request for Special Accommodations -
Provider Form
Must be completed if you are seeking special testing accommodations due to a disability.
En français, s'il vous plaît (PDFs*)
Formulaire de demande de certification en gréage Les examens en version paper sont administrés, en français et en anglais, quelques fois par l'année à Montréal, QC. Veuillez consultez cette page pour connaître la date de la prochaine administration des examens.

Formulaire d’évaluation du candidat Doit être rempli si vous utilisez des points à titre d'apprenti, ou des points pour les stages, afin d'être admissible aux examens.

Demande d’arrangements particuliers Doit être rempli si vous avez besoin d'un arrangement spécial en raison d'un handicap.

Applications must be sent to:
Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP)
P.O. Box 23200 
Brooklyn, NY 11202-3200

*Download Abode Acrobat Reader (8.0 or higher is recommended). Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be able to fill out and save the forms. Once you have completed the forms, print them out, sign, and send them to ETCP with all required supporting documentation).

ETCP recognizes that a candidate may have difficulty completing the ETCP Examination as a result of a disability that occurs after applying to take the examination. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of the individual. An individual is not substantially limited in a major life activity if the limitation does not amount to a significant restriction when compared with the abilities of the average person. All refund requests must be accompanied by the proper documentation from a medical professional.


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