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Become an ETCP Certified Technician and join the ranks of the elite.

Crafted by leading organizations, unions, major employers, and world-class technicians, the ETCP Certification Program is synonymous with expertise—and employers know it. 79% of employers encourage personnel to obtain ETCP credentials. In our growing industry, ETCP certification gives you the competitive advantage you need. Because when you’re ETCP Certified, you’re the best person for the job.

These certifications are targeted towards experienced entertainment technicians. ETCP qualifies candidates through a point system, which focuses on work experience primarily, but applicants can obtain points for the following: formal education that resulted in a degree, apprenticeships, and internships.


  • Rigging Certifications - Arena & Theatre: 30 points
  • Entertainment Electrician: 30 points
  • Portable Power Distribution Technician: 20 points

Each examination consists of 165 multiple choice questions of which 150 items are scored. Candidates have three hours to complete the examination. Candidates with disabilities may apply for special accommodations.

ETCP is committed to protecting information about its applicants/candidates/certificants.
Examination results and personal information submitted with an application or recertification request are considered confidential and will not be disclosed, divulged or made accessible to anyone other than the applicant/candidate/certificant unless a signed release is provided by the applicant/candidate/certificant, or as required by law.

Computer Based Testing 

To Apply:

You now may apply to sit for the ETCP Examinations via online application:

You will not pay for the examination until your eligibility is verified. Once accepted, you will receive an invoice from ESTA.

Your completed online application will be submitted directly to ETCP. We are working remotely and unable to send/receive mail reliably. If you do not receive a notification from ETCP/PSI within two weeks of submitting your application, please call The Certificatin Manager at 212.244.1505, ext. 705.

*Please note: the "Employment Form" is included in the application. You will list your work experience there. This is not a separate document.

How to Test:

Should any candidate need to miss their PSI appointment due to a work call or other emergency, an absent fee of $85 will be charged to reschedule the exam. Absent candidates should contact ETCP to make them aware of the absence, so ETCP can assist in setting up CBT Testing.

You do not have to choose your method of testing ahead of time unless you are involved in a prearranged paper and pencil exam.*

Computer-Based Testing Centers: You may take your test at a PSI Testing Center.
Note: (5/21/2020) Testing centers are limited because of the pandemic.

Online Live Remote Testing: You may now take your examination from your home or office as long as you have a webcam/microphone installed on your computer You can find our more about testing through the PSI Bridge™, please watch this video. RPNow University has additional videos that may be helpful to test takers.

Practice Exams
50-question Practice Exams are available online for just $40 each. No application is necessary. The exam will be available to you for 90 days. There are two versions of each rigging exam and the electrical exam. The portable power practice exam currently has one version.

You may only take the exam only once, but you can pause and resume as much as you like (be sure to wait until you’re completely finished to click “submit”). Once submitted, you’ll receive a score report that identifies your strengths and weaknesses. 

We understand that certification testing may be intimidating. To boost your confidence, watch this short video on Testing Procedures so you know what to expect. We also have Test Taking Tips to help you on the day of the exam.

Exam Fee

  Non-Member Member*
First ETCP Examination (U.S. & Canada) $650 $550
First ETCP Examination (Outside U.S. & Canada) $700 $650
Retake Fee for Failed Exam Within 2 Years (U.S. & Canada) $225 $175
Retake Fee for Failed Exam Within 2 Years (Outside U.S. & Canada) $250 $200
Second ETCP Examination Within 1 Year (U.S. & Canada) $450 $350
Second ETCP Examination Within 1 Year (Outside U.S. & Canada) $500 $400
Second ETCP Examination After 1 Year (U.S. & Canada) $650 $550
Second ETCP Examination After 1 Year (Outside U.S. & Canada) $700 $650

*Members or employees of one of the following organizations: ESTA, AMPTP, CITT, IATSE, IAVM, InfoComm International, League of American Theatres and Producers, TEA, and USITT

You may not combine multiple discounts. Maximum discount is $100 per examination. Applicant must provide verifiable documentation of current membership.

Effective December 16, 2016, the IATSE Training Trust Fund will reimburse the full cost of the ETCP exam ($550) for eligible IATSE members. Any active IATSE member who passes the exam can apply for reimbursement of the full cost of the ETCP exam. For more information:


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