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It is vital to ETCP that both the development process and the examinations themselves are professionally sound and legally defensible. The ETCP Council appointed volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs), recommended by the SME Chairs and their peers, to work with a firm contracted for psychometric (testing and measurement) services. The SMEs defined the necessary content areas that are represented on the examinations, as well as wrote the examination questions.

The first step in the development of the examinations was the job analysis. Job analysis is the foundation upon which a viable and rigorous certification examination is built. The analysis helps define the knowledge and skills necessary for the safe practice of entertainment rigging and electrical crafts by focusing on analyzing tasks based on importance, time spent and consequence of error.

The job anaylsis was then developed into a survey that was sent to working professionals across the United States and Canada. The results of this survey aided the SMEs in determining the appropriate content areas for the examination. Once the examination content areas were determined, the SMEs developed the questions that make up the examinations.

Psychometricians (Measurement Scientists) 
PSI was selected by the ETCP Council to perform the job analysis work with the subject matter experts, which was the first step in the development of the examinations. The job analysis process helped to define the knowledge and skills necessary for the safe practice of entertainment rigging and electrical and was conducted according to rigorous standards under the direction of PSI's test-development professionals.

PSI is a leading provider of licensing and certification examinations for professional organizations and has over twenty years experience in the design, development and administration of licensing and certification examinations. PSI has been a sustaining member of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) for over twelve years.

For the Rigging Certifications:
Craig Austin
Pat Bash
Roy Bickel
John Bleich
Eddie Blue
David Boevers
Tony Bonilla
Marcel Boulet
Eric Braun
Bennett Brian
Benjamin Cohen
Olan Cottrill
Dan Culhane
Brad Dittmer
James Doherty
Harry Donovan
Russ Dusek
Tony Galuppi
Ethan Gilson
Kelly Green

Tom Heemskerk
Dan Houser
Glenn Hufford
Edward Kish
Kalen Larson
Ian Lilly
Alex Lupinkskis
Stéphane Mayrand
Eric McAfee
Joseph McGeough
Brian Miller
Joe Mooneyham
Dennis Moore
Neil Mulligan
Walter Murphy
Tracy Nunnally
Mark O’Brien
Rocky Paulson
Allen Perron
Colin Peters

G. Anthony Phillips
Eddie Raymond
Michael Reed
Eric Rouse
Bill Sapsis
Peter Scheu
Karen Seifried
Chris Schmidt
Loren Schreiber
Karen Seifried
Scott Sloan
Jeffrey Smith
Matt Stevens
Zachary Stevenson
Sammy Stokes
Jack Suesse
Gil Vinzant
Patrick Wallace
Drew Wending
Sullivan Zurbruegg
For the French Translation of the Rigging Certifications:
David Charbonneau
Patrick Chassin
Jean-Francois Dube
Julien Dumontier
Hugo Hamel
Jean-Yves Laroche
Francois Laurion
Pierre Masse
Stephane Mayran
Colin Noël
Brian Parker
Ewen Seagel
Claude Sergerie
*Monique Corbiel, CITT - Responsable du projet de traduction d'examens
For the Electrical Certification:
Rick Baxter
Eric Bouchard
Kelly Britt
Justin Canada
Rich Crum
Don Earl
Jeanette Farmer
Ian Foulds
Tony Giovannetti
David Hatch
Mitch Hefter
John Huntington
Dave Loftin
Jim Maloney
Michael Matthews
Mark O’Brien
Martin Eric Rimes
Brad Robertson
Alan Rowe
Christina See
Nancy Shaw
Steve Terry
Abby Tutorow
Stephen Vanciel
Ken Vannice
Keith Woods
For the Portable Power Distribution Technician Certification:
Bob Baxter
Derek Coleman
Pat Enos
Kevin Felton
Lance Hughston, Sr.
Lance Hughston, Jr.
John Lacy
Gregg Lirosi
Billy Peacock
Phil Reilly
Alan Rowe
Steve Terry
Christopher Wren
For the French Translation of the Portable Power Distribution Technician Certification:
Bernard April
Jacob Fortier
Nicolas Höhn
Antoine Malette
Alexandre Picotte
Marco Venditto
*Claude Gagnon, IATSE 514 - Responsable du projet de traduction d'examens


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