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Winter 2019 - Protocol
Title: Rock and Roll Tour Highlights how ETCP is Fulfilling Potential
Author: Justin Argenio, To the Moon Rigging

Spring 2019 - Protocol
Title: Fortitudine vincimus
Author: Dawn Copeland, I.A.T.S.E. Studio Mechanics Local 476


Winter 2018 - Protocol
Title: ETCP Rigging Certification in an Educational Setting
Author: Andrew Young, San Diego State University

Spring 2018 - Protocol
Title: ETCP Certification Makes a Difference
Author: Tracy Nunnally, Vertigo Labs

Summer 2018 - Protocol
Title: The ETCP and Me
Author: Mark Hogan, Business Manager - I.A.T.S.E. Studio Mechanics Local 476


Winter 2017 - Protocol
Title: The History of End-User Training
Authors: David Fox and Kathy Williams, ETC

Spring 2017 - Protocol
Title: From the Frontier to the Future
Author: Rick Crum

Summer 2017 - Protocol
Title: The ETCP and Me
Author: Mark Hogan

Fall 2017 - Protocol
Title: How Important is ETCP Certification?
Authors: Brian Bennett and Reed Rigging


Winter 2016 - Protocol
Title: ETCP Council approves new Power Distribution Technician Certification
Author: Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager

Spring 2016 - Protocol
Title: ETCP launches the Portable Power Distribution Technician Certification
Authors: Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager and Zachary Irwin, Psychometrician

Summer 2016 - Protocol
Title: Production Electrician: Same job title, different career paths, both ETCP SMEs
Authors: Rick Baxter and Rob Baxter

Fall 2016 - Protocol
Title: PPDT Certification: In French, s’il vous plaît
Author: IATSE Local 514 Team


Winter 2015 - Protocol
Title: Certification Raises the Industry to a Higher Standard
Author: Robert J. Culley, The Daily Show

Spring 2015 - Protocol
Title: Growing ETCP Certification is Vital for the Health and Safety of the Entertainment Technology Industry
Author: Stephen Dilts, Pyramid Staging

Summer 2015 - Protocol
Title: The Entertainment Technician Certification Program Celebrates 10 years!
Author: Tim Hansen, ETCP Chair

Fall 2015 - Protocol
Title: The ETCP Council leads with Laser-Focused Vision
Author: Todd Spencer, Head of Global Rigging Services, PSAV


Winter 2014 - Protocol
Title: Theatrical Set Building from an ETCP Perspective
Author: Matthew Hughes - Proof Productions

Spring 2014 - Protocol
Title: Certification Strengthens Our Industry - No Matter What the Gender
Author: Beaner Sheridan - IATSE Local 7

Summer 2014 - Protocol
Title: Restoration of the Foxwoods / Lyric Theatre stars ETCP Certified Riggers
Author: Steven Ehrenberg - President, Eberg Stage Solutions

Fall 2014 - Protocol
Title: We Care and So Should You
Author: Meredith Moseley-Bennett - ETCP Certification Manager


Summer 2013 - Protocol
Title: Raising the Bar with ETCP
Author: David Rosenberg - iWeiss

Summer 2013 - Protocol
Title: Peace of Mind from an ETCP Crew
Author: Matt Scheidt - Mainstage Theatrical Supply, Inc.

Spring 2013 - Protocol
Title: Local Two Emphasizes Ongoing Training and ETCP Certification for its Members
Author: Craig Carlson, Business Manager - Local Two

Winter 2013 - Protocol
Title: Local One Commits to Supporting Their Members in Becoming ETCP Certified
Author: Paul F. Dean, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Training Coordinator - Local One


Winter 2012 - Protocol
Title: ETCP Rigging Renewal Credits: Staying Up-to-Date with Modern Technology
Author: Dave Rossi, Operations Manager-Daktronics Rigging Group

December/January 2012 - Facility Manager Magazine
Title: Tech Know-ETCP Enhances Safety, Reduces Workplace Risk and Recognizes Entertainment Technicians
Russell Read, ETCP Council Member and Director of Operations, AT&T Performing Arts Center - Dallas, TX

Spring 2012 - Protocol
Practice Problem Perplexes Aplenty
Richard Cadena, Technical Editor of Protocol and Lighting&Sound America as Owner/Trainer Academy of Production Technology

Summer 2012 - Protocol
ETCP-Building a Better Industry Through Knowledge
David Fox, Training and Documentation Specialist-Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

Fall 2012 - Protocol
Keeping Safety at the Forefront of our Events
: Elise Bechard, Vice President of Operations and Client Relations-JCALPRO, Inc.


Winter 2011 - Protocol
Do you Trust Your Rigging Safety Program?
Author: Ed Barnes, Vice President of Operations, Washington State Convention Center

Spring 2011 - Protocol
ETCP Certification for Faculty Takes you Beyond Teaching
Author: Eric Rouse, Assistant Professor of Theatre Design and Technology, Penn State University

Summer 2011 - Protocol
ETCP Certification Increasing Demand for Technical Training
Author: Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager

Fall 2011 - Protocol
ETCP Certification is an Investment that Pays Longterm Benefits
Author: Ray Janson, Partner-Janson Industries


Winter 2010 - Protocol
FAQ About ETCP Exams Explained - How are the Exams Graded and Can You See Which Questions are Missed?
Author: Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager

Spring 2010 - Protocol
Ignorance is not Bliss – The ETCP Exam Confirms You are Solid on the Facts and Formulae
Author: Mark Fink, Systems Integrator for Barbizon Capitol, Inc.

Summer 2010 - Protocol
Two Views from the Air - ZFX and ETCP
Authors: Stu Cox and Sandra Harned, Flying Directors at ZFX, Inc.

Fall 2010 - Protocol
Experience, Education, and Certification: Will the Real Trump Card, Please Stand Up?
Author: Richard Cadena, ETCP Recognized Trainer and Author of Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician


Winter 2009 - Protocol
ETCP is on a Roll! – More Certified Technicians, More Venues, More Recognized Employers and Labor Providers
Author: Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager

Spring 2009 - Protocol
Title: Does ETCP Certification make sense for installers?
Author: Shannon Johnson, Facility Programming Consultant, Peerbolte Creative

Summer 2009 - Protocol
Marketing your Company is Easy with ETCP Certification – The Commitment to Safety Provides Instant Credibility on the Job
Author: James “Tut” Tutorow, Vice President On Location Lighting Systems

Fall 2009 - Protocol
Title: What Have we Done? – ETCP and the Coming of Age of Entertainment Technicians
Authors: ETCP Council Members, Eddie Raymond, Vice President of IATSE Local 16 in San Francisco and Kent Jorgensen, Safety and Training Representative for IATSE Local 80


Winter 2008 - Protocol
Because an ETCP Employer Said So / Achieving ETCP Certification is a Huge Benefit to Employers and Employees Alike
Authors: Kacey Coffin Fisher, President Fisher Theatrical and George Studnicky, III, President of Creative Stage Lighting Co., Inc.

Spring 2008 - Protocol
History of an ETCP (Female) Certified Technician
Natti Pierce-Thomson, President and Senior Lighting Designer for North American Theatre Technology Incorporated

Summer 2008 - Protocol
There’s No Such Thing as Too Safe
Author: Tyler Smith, Project Manager and Safety Director for InterAmerica Stage, Inc.

Fall 2008 - Protocol
Title: Let’s Get Serious About Safety. Let’s All Get Certified. Now.
Author: Brad Kagel, President of National Production Services Inc.


Winter 2007 - Protocol
Hey! I Can Pass This Thing!
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director

Spring 2007 - Protocol
News from your new ETCP Coordinator
Author: Meredith Moseley-Bennett, Certification Manager

Summer 2007 - Protocol
Certification is More Than Just a Passing Grade
Author: Don Earl, Founder of Earl Girls, Inc.

Fall 2007 - Protocol
Bring ETCP Exams to Your Door
Author: Meredith Moseley-Bennett , Certification Manager


Winter 2006 - Protocol
ETCP Certified Riggers are Here!
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director

Spring 2006 - Protocol
Next Up: Entertainment Electrician Certification Exam
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director

Summer 2006 - Protocol
ETCP Moving Forward
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director

Fall 2006 - Protocol
What it Takes to Create a Certification Program
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director


Winter 2005 - Protocol
ETCP Announces Subject Matter Experts
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director

Spring 2005 - Protocol
Title: The ETCP Exams are Ready, Are You?
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director

Fall 2005 - Protocol
Rigging Candidates Line up for First Examinations
Author: Katie Geraghty, Certification Director

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