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New York, NY – IAAM - the International Association of Assembly Managers has accepted a permanent seat on ESTA’s new Certification Council. The Certification Council is the governing body which will manage the development and implementation of a new industry-wide certification program for entertainment technology technicians.

IAAM President Joe Floreano, CFE has appointed Don Hancock, Ph.D., CAE, IAAM’s Director of Education, Research and Development as their representative to the Council and Robyn Williams, CFE, Executive Director of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts as their alternate representative.

Upon making the appointment President Floreano commented, “This certification program is in direct alignment with IAAM’s initiatives on many fronts. It encourages an emphasis on safety as a primary concern within the entertainment and venue management industries. It also demonstrates alliances by separate, but related organizations that are working together to achieve structure and improved practices. The establishment of ESTA’s certification process allows representatives from IAAM, USITT and IATSE to play an integral role in this proactive approach.

“I believe Dr. Hancock will be a valuable resource, and an excellent representative of IAAM membership as a staff liaison. In the role of Director of Education, Research and Development, he serves our association in many capacities that will be of great benefit to the ESTA Council. Additionally his leadership in IAAM’s Certified Facilities Executive program will lend a seasoned voice of experience to the certification process.

“Ms. Williams brings many years of experience in the areas of theatre and stage operations to the position of alternate. Her position on the Certification Board for IAAM also primes her for the duties related to the ESTA Council.

“We are very pleased to have input in this program in the way of an advisory position. This program will ensure that members of our industry remain on the cutting edge of education and training, thereby creating a safe and productive environment.”

The ESTA Certification Council will represent the diversity of the industry. Members will include key leaders in entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia. ESTA is in the process of extending invitations for Certification Council membership. IATSE, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, and USITT, the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, have also accepted permanent seats on the Council. The key areas of electrical skills and rigging skills have been identified for initial development in the ESTA Personnel Certification Program.


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