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The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) Council announces the ETCP Rigging Examinations will be available at computer centers around the United States and in Canada beginning March 15, 2006. All interested riggers are invited to apply today.

Donít delay getting your certification! Many employers are now looking for ETCP Certified Riggers and have stated they may require certification in the future. In a recent survey of industry employers, 81 percent said they would encourage employees or personnel working in their venues to see certification in rigging. This finding shows that employers want an objective tool that helps them assess riggers' skills. ETCP Certification provides that tool, helping employers immediately identify riggers with proven capabilities.

Rigging examination applications are now being accepted. The sooner your application is submitted, the sooner you can take the test to become ETCP Certified. Candidate information, including eligibility requirements and application forms, is available online ( If you would like the examination information and application forms mailed or emailed to you, please contact Katie Geraghty, ETCP Certification Director, at 212-244-1505 or

The current ETCP Certified Riggers are listed at These riggers can be identified on the jobsite by their ETCP photo ID card that includes their picture, date of certification and, most importantly, area(s) of specialty. Also, Certificants are allowed the exclusive use of the ETCP Certified Rigger logo on their business card or website, and possess the special lapel pin, embroidered patch, and workbox sticker.

The ETCP Council members are key leaders drawn from entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia representing the diversity of the entertainment industry. Membership includes AMPTP, CITT, CCE, ESTA, IAAM, IATSE, InfoComm, The League, PRG, TEA, and USITT.


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