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New York, NY – AMPTP – The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), has accepted a permanent seat on Entertainment Services and Technology Association’s (ESTA) new Certification Council. The AMPTP is the primary trade association with respect to labor issues in the motion picture and television industry. AMPTP negotiates 80 industry-wide collective bargaining agreements that cover actors, craftpersons, directors, musicians, technicians, and writers - virtually all of the people who work on theatrical motion pictures and television programs. The Certification Council is the governing body which is managing the development and implementation of a new industry-wide certification program for entertainment technology technicians.

AMPTP has appointed Dennis King, AMPTP Vice President, as their representative to the Council. Mr. King is the Chair of the Motion Picture Industry-Wide Labor Management Safety Committee, serves as a management member on the Cal-OSHA State Advisory Committee, is a Registered Safety Professional and is a member of NFPA 140, the American Society of Safety Engineers, and the State of California Fireworks Committee.

ESTA President Mike Wood commented, "We are delighted to welcome AMPTP to the Certification Council. They bring with them representation of a unique and important part of our industry, and their input and perspective will be invaluable."

The ESTA Certification Council members represent the diversity of the entertainment industry. The members are key leaders in entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia. The members include CITT, IATSE, IAAM, TEA, and USITT. With the help of these members, the key areas of electrical skills and rigging skills have been identified for initial development in the Entertainment Technician Certification Program.


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