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Cirque du Soleil and their Las Vegas partner MGM / Mirage have accepted a seat on the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) Council. The Council is the governing body which manages the development and implementation of ETCP, the industry-wide certification program for entertainment technicians. The MGM / Mirage currently employs over 1500 technicians to support Cirque du Soleil operations.

Cirque du Soleil and MGM / Mirage have appointed Martin Crawford, Technical Manager, Technical & Show Support - Cirque du Soleil Resident Show Division and Tony Galuppi, Head of Rigging for KÀ, to sit on the Council.

"The initial release of the exams has set a high standard and we look forward to participating with the continued growth bringing the unique perspective that our organizations have. Cirque, with its complex challenges with acrobatic rigging and the MGM / Mirage with the traditional and non-traditional need of skilled technicians, believe we can contribute to the Council bringing a slightly different perspective to the group. Both organizations strongly recognize the need that the certification programs fulfill and look forward to participating on the Council," says Martin Crawford.

ETCP Chair, Tim Hansen commented, "We are delighted to welcome Cirque du Soleil and MGM / Mirage to the Certification Council. These organizations lead the industry in the use of new and innovative technologies that require the highly skilled technicians ETCP is helping to identify. They have become an integral part of the entertainment industry and their support is important to the success of the program."

The ETCP Certification Council members represent the diversity of the entertainment industry and are key leaders drawn from entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia representing the diversity of the entertainment industry. Membership includes AMPTP, CITT, ESTA, IAAM, IATSE, InfoComm, The League, Live Nation, PRG, TEA, and USITT. ETCP is an ESTA initiative created to promote industry safety.



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