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The Entertainment Technician Certification Program Council is pleased to announce that the Academy of Production Technology (APT) has been approved to become an ETCP Recognized Training Program. The Academy's three-day course covers the concept of electrical theory, power distribution and networking for stage and studio. Course instructor is APT Founder Richard Cadena, who is an ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician and Recognized Trainer. Now that the course is recognized, ETCP Certified Technicians who attend will receive full ETCP Renewal Credits.

The course is designed for practicing professionals as well as novices, "This seminar is an excellent review for the practicing entertainment electrician as well as a primer for the aspiring electrician," says Cadena. "It has enough detail and information to challenge the experienced among us but is presented in such a way as to convey useful concepts to the less experienced with a minimum amount of math and complexity."

Lighting professionals who have taken the class can attest to its value. Tony Hansen, LD/systems consultant with Technilux, says, "I learned more usable and appropriate knowledge here than I did in four years of college." Another attendee, Jason Gay, says, "The class addressed issues we run into daily. I am more confident in my ability to work safely and direct others in their work."

Upcoming courses will be held at CITT in August, in Nashville in September and a more basic course will be taught at Texas State University in San Marcos in January of 2011.  For more information about these courses, please visit:

You can gain more exposure for your training program by applying to have your course ETCP Recognized. Approval is granted based on submission of course curriculum, instructor bios and other training materials. Approved programs are listed on the ETCP website with a dedicated page including logo, contact information and course dates.  Learn more about ETCP Recognized Training by visiting:


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