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The Class of 2005 ETCP Certified Riggers who passed the inaugural examinations came up for renewal this November, as certification is valid for five years.  Two-hundred and seven Rigger-Arena and Rigger-Theatre certifications were awarded and 94% of these certifications have been renewed.  Those who are in the Class of 2006 ETCP Certified Entertainment Electricians will come up for renewal in October of 2011.

Eddie Raymond, Chair-Elect, PLASA North America, commented on the renewal rate, "Among those who took the first round of ETCP Rigging Certification exams in 2005 were some of the very best and most experienced riggers in the US. The fact that 94% of those who passed have chosen to renew those certifications speaks to the value garnered by the program in the ensuing years. Being recognized as a Certified Rigger by a testing body led by their peers has meaning to them and to their employers."

 Most certification bodies require documentation of continuing education and/or competence for their certificants to remain current. As the profession's knowledge base continues to expand rapidly and new standards and practices develop, it is essential that ETCP Certified Technicians maintain their level of expertise and knowledge. Recertification is a means of documenting a technician's competence to continue to practice in the profession and provides for a safer industry.

To maintain ETCP Certification, a certificant must accumulate 40 renewal credits of continued training/professional development or retake the examination and accumulate a minimum of 10 renewal credits of continued training/professional development over the 5 year period. For more information about renewals, please visit:

Want more information about ETCP?  Please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett, Certification Manager at or call 212.244.1505.


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