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The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP)
will launch a new version of  the practice exams for the Rigger - Arena and Rigger - Theatre Certifications this summer.  Both new practice exams will be accessible beginning July 31, 2014.

These versions are an entirely new set of questions and are
available in addition to the practice exams that were created in 2009. Riggers preparing to take the ETCP exams have found the practice versions an extremely valuable tool for self-assessment.  The web-based practice exams consist of fifty questions each and include score reports that mirror the actual exams. Both versions of each exam are $35 and can be found at

There is no application process with the practice exams; so
any interested candidates will be able to take the exams privately at home, at the office, or on the road whenever it is most convenient for them. Once registered online, candidates must complete the practice examinations in 30 days.

 "Candidates preparing for the exam and those who
have to retake it really wanted a second set of questions to be able to aid in their preparation and I am glad that the Subject Matter Experts were able to volunteer their time to implement them," said Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager. "Our hope is that the candidates who opt to take the
practice exams will go into the actual exam feeling more relaxed and confident because they have gotten a general sense of the exams beforehand. Since the practice exams are one-third the length of the actual exams, the candidates can
time themselves for one hour to make sure they are answering the questions within the proper time-frame. At the end of the practice exams, candidates will be provided with a score report that is divided into the broad areas of the content outline which will help them get a sense of the areas that need more
attention in their preparation."


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