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ETCP Council Approves New Power Distribution Technician Certification

PLASA’s ETCP Council has voted unanimously to offer a brand new certification focusing on Power Distribution Technicians (ETCP – PDT). The new program is in response to an increasing demand within the entertainment industry to establish benchmark standards and define the required knowledge and skillsets surrounding the assembly, use, and disassembly of power distribution systems for a wide variety of entertainment venues and markets. These include the corporate, trade show, outdoor event, theatrical, and motion picture/television segments of the industry. The development of the program has been fully funded by sponsorships.

For employers, this certification will provide documentation of knowledge and assist in determining a worker’s status as a qualified entertainment power distribution technician while also encouraging continuing education among their staff. The Entertainment Technician Certification currently has over 2000 individuals certified as Rigger-Arena, Rigger-Theatre, or Entertainment Electrician. “As ETCP develops the PDT certification program, we have made it a priority to join forces with the leaders in the power distribution industry,” said Eddie Raymond, Chair of PLASA’s North American Regional Board. “Incorporating their expertise as our Subject Matter Experts ensures that the certification is as relevant and impactful as possible.” Chairing the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be Alan Rowe, Co-Chair of the ETCP Entertainment Electrician SMEs and Chair of the IATSE Crafts Advancement Program and Derek Coleman, Vice President of Power Distribution for PSAV®. Joining them are: Rob Baxter, NBA Production Electrician and Owner, Baxter Controls; Pat Enos, Operations Manager Trade Show Electrical, GES; Kevin Felton, Director – Electrical Services, Freeman Electrical, Inc.; Lance Hughston Sr. and Lance Hughtston, Jr., Owners of Hughston Engineering, Inc.; John Lacy, Freelance Gaffer and Best Boy; Gregg Lirosi, Regional Power Distribution Manager, Eastern United States, PSAV; Billy Peacock, Owner, Eventpower; Phil Reilly, Lighting Director, WGBH-Television Group; Steve Terry, Vice President of Research & Development, ETC; and Christopher Wren, Owner, Keylight, Inc. The SME group has already begun work on the content outline for the exam and will meet at ETCP’s psychometric firm, Applied Measurement Professionals, in Kansas City in October to begin the item writing process. The certification will launch in the summer of 2016 following nine months of intensive work by the SMEs.


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