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Ninety Percent Second Time Renewal Rate for ETCP Class of 2005 Riggers

ETCP is pleased to announce an extremely high renewal rate for its original certificants. A decade ago, over 200 riggers from North America gained their ETCP Certifications at LDI in Orlando, FL. Last November, 90% of the inaugural class of 2005 decided to renew their certifications as the term of their second 5-year renewal was due to expire. The majority of those who chose not to renew their certifications have retired from the industry.

"I am very happy to see that, after ten years, over 90% of the original Certified Technicians have chosen to renew again. This shows a huge commitment to the industry, and confidence in the program.” said Tim Hansen, ETCP Council Chair.

ETCP currently has a total of 2,141 Certified Technicians, with 29 people who hold all three certifications: Rigger – Arena, Rigger – Theatre and Entertainment Electrician ETCP would like to congratulate those Certified Riggers who have decided to retire and to announce that the ETCP Council is implementing a new “Retired” status for these technicians.

Those requesting Retired status will be able to replace their original designation with ETCP Retired and have use of a special logo to include in their correspondence. “It is important to ETCP to recognize those who have embraced the process of certification, and have reached the age of retirement,” says Eddie Raymond, President of the Entertainment Services and Technology Association, (ESTA). Those who wish to come out of retirement after gaining the status will be required to retake the ETCP Examination.


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