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ETCP Council Contracts for Test Development

New York, NY The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is pleased to announce that Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) has been chosen to perform the job analysis work which is the first step in the development of the ETCP examinations. AMP is a leading provider of licensing and certification examinations for professional organizations and has over twenty years of experience in the design, development and administration of licensing and credentialing examinations. ETCP will evaluate the proficiency of technical personnel working in the entertainment industry and certify technicians who demonstrate a high level of knowledge, skills and abilities.

AMP along with ETCP staff and volunteers will begin work on the job analysis or role delineation of arena-style (temporary) and permanent (theatrical) rigging this summer. The job analysis process will help define the knowledge and skills necessary for the safe practice of entertainment rigging. It will be conducted according to rigorous standards under the direction of AMPs test-development professionals. Job analysis is the foundation upon which to build a viable and legally defensible certification examination.

We are very pleased to be working with a well-respected test development firm. We now have an independent third-party helping analyze what we do on a daily basis, and this will allow a strong program to develop. This is a major step for the program," said Tim Hansen, ETCP Council Chair.

AMP has been a sustaining member of National Organization of Competency Assurance (NOCA) for more than 12 years. Established in 1977, NOCA is the leader in setting quality standards for credentialing organizations.

ETCP will set standards for safer working practices and reduce workplace risk in all entertainment venues. Industry experts will develop rigorous assessments, conduct examinations and award credentials to qualified entertainment technicians. ETCP will focus on disciplines that directly affect the health and safety of performers, crews and audiences, beginning with rigging skills and electrical skills. For more information please visit


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