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Remote Proctoring Option Now Available for All Four ETCP Examinations

Owing to the health concerns raised by the COVID-19 global pandemic, the ETCP Council has approved the implementation of remote testing with an online proctor. This new delivery option provides test-takers flexibility and convenience at a time when public health is of the utmost importance. ETCP has worked with PSI to be able to offer innovative test-taking procedures to ensure continuity in its highly regarded certification program. The Council is excited to announce that this new convenient option will now become a permanent testing solution for those who are on the road, live far from a testing center, or candidates whose work schedules prevent them from taking time off to test.

Candidates who have already been approved for testing have begun scheduling online appointments, and new candidates can submit their applications immediately. Those interested in taking one or more of the examinations for Rigger – Arena, Rigger – Theatre, Entertainment Electrician and Portable Power Distribution Technician, may now apply online by going to the ETCP Information Portal or by going to the “Get Certified” pages on the website.

Once a candidate has applied and been accepted by ETCP, candidates must register with PSI to choose their method of testing. If a candidate lives in an area where testing centers are open, they may opt to take the exam at one. Otherwise, they can choose to take the test remotely with a live remote proctor.

The security and integrity of these tests continue to be a priority. “It is vital to ETCP as the only recognized entertainment industry certification to continuously evolve to meet our professional community where they are—not only offering the options to test in their home or office," said Tim Hansen, ETCP Council Chair. “As we stay nimble to meet these changing needs in our community, adding live remote proctoring for our certification exams ensures that technicians who are taking this time to pay attention to career advancement can continue undeterred in their journey to become ETCP Certified.”

ETCP’s testing company for 15 years, PSI, was the first company to develop lock-down browser technology and has patents for “securely executing an application on a computer system” for online and computer-based testing. Using this technology, can help reduce candidate anxiety over proctor access to their computer and avoid any risk of a proctor accessing personal data or confidential information.

Safe and Secure Testing:


  • ID Check: Candidates are required to present a government-issued photo ID card upon virtual check-in, along with a second form of ID. 
  • Proof of Secure Environment: A scan of the testing area will be required and is recorded as part of the testing session. 
  • Testing: Once check-in is complete the exam will be released to the candidate in a secure, locked-down browser. Candidates will then see a chat window replace the “face-to-face” window and may be used in case problems arise during the exam. The PSI Bridge™ is designed to be both non-invasive and highly effective at preventing candidates from using their computer to cheat or distribute exams by blocking the following features:
  • Other browsers and dual extended monitors  
  • Remote access, screen sharing, chat tools, and other communication tools 
  • Virtual machines and screen recording  
  • Right click, hot-keys, copy/paste, sticky keys and right mouse click menus  
  • Results: Just as if sitting at a testing center, candidates will receive a score report immediately after the 3-hour testing session.


To learn more about ETCP Certifications in rigging and electrical skills, please visit our website at To access ETCP updates and resources related to testing during the pandemic, visit: ETCP COVID-19 Updates.


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